Lithography today

Give every mood a picture!

Does your heart beat for modern, contemporary art? Whether it’s the addition to a large collection, the foundation of a collection or the first time. I am committed to the idea of making art affordable for everyone without having to compromise on quality.

Masakazu Kondo (Japan), Johan Tahon (Belgium), Pavel Feinstein, Julian Khol, Fabian Seyd, Miriam Vlaming, Moritz Schleime, Sven Kroner, Yvette Kießling, Leunora Salihu, Johannes Brus and Prof. Herbert Brandl (Austria), 12 nationally and internationally established artists who are already represented in major collections.

They have dedicated themselves to the subject of the “soul”, which could hardly be more difficult or discussed.

Numbered, signed and produced in a small edition, you have the opportunity to acquire original lithographs as a collector’s item.

My Museum® 

It has never been so easy to open a frame! Give every mood a picture and experience this world first!


Offered is the “THE LIMITED EDITION”. Due to the strict limitation, the offer is only valid while stocks last. (see following pages)

The secret of this recently patented and novel picture frame is its integrated drawer, which is not visible from the outside, used for storage and display. Inspired by Bauhaus, not only useful, but beautiful! As a winner of the GREEN GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD and the ICONIC AWARDS 2020 it presents timeless design with that certain something.

“My museum” opens new ways of collecting, a world of diverse and creative possibilities! It is the brand name of this innovative timeless and elegant frame, that enables removal in seconds, easy readjustment, and safe transport.