Masterpieces of lithography:

“impressive and consistent in selection and topics” Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Werner Spies

An exceptional artwork can take the viewer onto a visual and sensual journey. It enables us to forget the everyday life and sometimes see the world from different perspectives.

The power and grace of the drawing as well as the effect of the handmade paper have prompted me to present art lovers with a purchasable collection of “narrative” graphics on the topic of soul in limited edition.

Renowned contemporary artists from 4 countries — Japan, Belgium, Austria and Germany — impress with their lithographic masterpieces and unusual subjects for them. Their impressive drafts have convinced me to carry out their ideas by using lithography, a much-appreciated technique from Emil Nolde. Both sculptors and painters are represented. 

The resulting editions thus speak for itself. Diverse in form, rich in color, brilliant in ideas; they excel as a complementary collection for seasoned collectors or as an entry piece for art novices.