Who does not know them? Toulouse-Lautrec’s pictures of female dancers and Varietés? Moulin Rouge – La Goulue, his first print work, is a color lithograph, which until today counts as one of the most liked work in art history.
Pablo Picasso has also experimented with this technique and created a few significant lithographs.

Developed over 200 years ago by Alois Senefelder, lithography is a method of printing based on the repulsion and attraction of fat and water.

The artist uses fat-containing drawing material such as a special ink or chalk and draws directly onto a plank-cut stone surface. Afterwards the surface of the stone is prepared with a thinly applied layer of acacia gum and small proportions of nitric acid in such a way that the printing ink remains adhered to the greased areas when over-rolled and repelled by moistening at the non-designated locations. In this way, a precise printing becomes possible.