Design – key trends for tomorrow

Innovative frame for collectors and art lovers

This frame is more than a frame. Its drawer makes it something special. Whether as a picture frame, clip-on frame, showcase, setting box or display case, light box or hanging cabinet:  it surprises and convinces. 

Simple and unconventional, you can choose a content that inspires and/or challenges and meets your desire for variety and inspiration.

The frame proves to be extremely valuable for the exhibition of three-dimensional multiples, collector’s porcelain, ceramic editions, coins, jewellery or watches in tableaux. Constantly present and exchangeable at any time, they become the eye-catcher of any interior design.

Extraordinary and completely new is this frame for exhibiting and storing works of art and photographs in the same format. Editions become stylishly visible and appear with a new value.

A patent application has been filed both nationally and in the USA.

Holder / DIN A 6 Memoboard:

This holder is designed as a pop-up system for single sheets in the form of monthly calendars, art postcards or letter cards in DIN A 6 format. Visible and easy to refill, it inspires with a matching, always available writing instrument.

P Parking disc in the shape of the symbol for parking, traffic sign 314 / door hanger

This form reduced to a letter is internationally understandable and applicable to all vehicles. The new feature of this traffic aid is its opening, which serves both for better handling and for mounting. The single row of numbers makes it easy to set and read.

Vase / Cup to Go:

This novel and beautiful shape is important because it is aesthetically timeless and visually appealing. Whether as a vase or as a cup to go: this shape is light in the hand and easy to clean. A removable fabric cuff insulates, it can be changed individually.