Art becomes a luxury good under the horizon of representation!

Empathy and profound admiration for the creation were for me both the incentive and the pleasure to strive for the best way to present outstanding artworks as they deserve.

Subtle underlining, minimalistic but nevertheless impressive, these were the criteria to determine which frame would be the most suitable. In addition to timeless elegance I also looked for easy handling and utility in the style of Bauhaus and its founder Walter Gropius. By a pleasant coincidence, I once saw a framed artwork on the wall. It was behind a glass and it had such a deep profile that I could easily imagine using the space created by the frame’s depth and its surface.

The result is a frame which has an integrated drawer on one side. For an observer who admires the picture from the front, however, this hidden drawer is totally invisible. In addition to being able to store the complete edition now in one place, this innovative drawer design also enables the collector to put forward any graphics in the collection easily and freely.

Depending on the artworks and the personal taste, this edition frame is available in three versions: maple natural, white or anthracite stained. Due to the exceptional precision and carpentry skills required, each edition frame is in fact a masterpiece by itself. Hence there is a waiting period and pre-order is necessary.

Alternatively, there is also a design holder (stand) for notes, calendars, postcards, etc. which is available for immediate purchase.