Sensuality as a passion

On my desk is a silver picture frame with classic pillars. Inside is a childhood photo of me, crouching and enjoying myself as I sat on a meadow and beamed. The remembrance of this naturalness, light-heartedness and wideness pulls my
gaze once again back there to wander.

My artistic interest was developed at a very early stage.  I received exciting and productive insights through my mother’s fondness of modern art and my father’s passion for photography. Sensuality has been my passion ever since.

However, it was first through an exhibition of Picasso’s graphic art of modernity with the prints of his extensive and important creation Suite Vollard, that I became completely excited and enchanted. To this day, Picasso’s ability to draw shapes and proportions in such a perfection and uniqueness with a steady hand and a single or very few strokes impresses me: sensual, fascinating, spectacular!

Glowing with enthusiasm, I made my love into passion and commissioned artists to design lithographic stones. Along the way, Picasso’s graphics has always been like a significant elixir.


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