Graphic editon consisting of 12 autographed, individually numbered lithographs by:

Leunora Salihu, Miriam Vlaming, Yvette Kießling, Fabian Seyd, Moritz Schleime, Pavel Feinstein, Julian Khol, Sven Kroner, Johannes Brus, Masakazu Kondo, Johan Tahon and Herbert Brandl

On hand-made paper in special format: 57,5 x 42 cm as well as 1 text sheet with the artist’s names.

Edition: 100 copies plus 10 e.a., the exceptional artist Herbert Brandl is represented with an exceptional sheet: 113 copies (10 e.a. plus 3 sample sheets numbered consecutively)

Production: in Leipzig and Cologne 2016/2017, in the printing workshops of Thomas Franke and Felix Bauer

published by Katrin Derndinger

I / we would like to order a graphic edition for 3600 Euro.